pergola SO! terrasoverkapping winsol met lamellen in het zwart op het strand met modellen sfeer


Design and durability are the key words when it comes to Winsol sun protection.

Awnings, outdoor roller blinds for windows, roller shutters and pergolas transform a house into a true home with a high level of comfort.

Innovative and award-winning products with a sophisticated design, numerous gadgets and ready for the future.

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Winsol Solar Fix Red Dot Design Award 2020
zipscreens winsol zonne-energie SolarFix detail kast en zonnepaneel
zonnescreen winsol SolFix in het zwart halfopen

Outdoor roller blinds for windows

  • Front-mounted or built-in

  • Window areas up to 18 m²

  • 20 Nw motor for the largest windows

  • With or without zip system

  • Also available on solar energy

  • For renovation and new construction

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Winsol Pergola SO Red Dot Design Award 2019
Winsol terrasoverkapping Pergola Z!P met logo Red Dot Best of the Best Award 2021
Winsol Pergola Z!P cottage-stijl met steellook glaswand


  • Louvres or retractable fabric

  • Built-in LED lighting, speakers, power sockets and charging points

  • Patented solar tracking technology: louvres rotate automatically

  • Customizable to any style

  • Smartphone/tablet control

  • Numerous decorative walls and side closures to close the pergolas

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winsol luifel Lumisol in het wit met grijs doek op moderne woning vooraanzicht achter plant
zonnescherm winsol Lumisol in het wit met beige doek sfeerbeeld met verlichting in de kast
luifel winsol Linasol detail powerband arm

Retractable awnings

  • Ultra-strong folding arms with self-lubricating cables or Dyneema-tape

  • Integrated LED lighting in the arms, cassette and front bar

  • Electric or operated via io-technology

  • High wind resistance (6 Beaufort)

  • Different cassette designs

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Winsol Solar Box Red Dot Design Award 2021 Gold RT Innovation Award 2021
SolarBox voorzetrolluik op zonne-energie winsol detail kast met zonnepaneel
rolluiken winsol inbouw in het zwart op landelijke woning

Roller shutters

  • Front-mounted

  • Also available on solar energy

  • Window surfaces up to 6,6 m²

  • Also with high-performance 20 Nw motor

  • With PVC or aluminium slats

  • For renovation and new construction

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afdak terras aluminium pergola SO! winsol in het wit bij villa met zwembad sfeerbeeld meubilair


Our in-house R&D department designs and develops sun protection according to the needs of the market and the trends of the future. In doing so, we focus on functionality and durability, but also on aesthetics. Products that look good and do not detract from the façade of the house.

Something that international expert juries have also noticed. For example, the SolarFix, SolarBox, Pergola SO!, Pergola Z!P and the SO! Universe were rewarded a Red Dot Design Award. Our SolarBox roller shutters also received a Gold R+T Innovation award.

Winsol Helios mei 2021 15 Large

Belgian manufacturing and customization

We manufacture awnings, outdoor roller blinds and pergolas in our production department in Aalter. The roller shutters are made in Izegem.

We continue to invest in our machinery to be ready for the future: the increasing demand for sun protection, our international growth and larger window surfaces.