As an authorized Select or Premium Partner, you also get access to W-InsideOut, Winsol’s communication and information platform.

This extranet contains a wealth of information to help you on a daily basis.

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W-InsideOut: het extranet van Winsol

Opleidingen, productinformatie, beeldmateriaal, brochures en meer!

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What can you find on W-InsideOut?

W-InsideOut replaces the library of the previous Winsol website. In addition to marketing materials such as brochures and production photos and videos, you will also find a lot of product-related information here:

  • Price lists and rates

  • Product sheets and technical information

  • Standards, certificates, quality certificates and information on construction requirements

  • Product training and updates

  • Test reports

  • Specification texts and AutoCad files

  • Installation and operating manuals

  • Procedures for repairs, complaints and returns

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