SO! Combi: louvre and wooden roof in one

Take your garden or patio to the next level thanks to the SO! Combi. This outdoor living room or pool house immediately creates much more extra living space thanks to the shelter provided by a fixed wooden roof and louvres roof.

Winsol SO Cocoon Poolhouse in white slats and wooden wall
Winsol so cocoon combi poolhouse 14
Winsol Poolhouse with AURORA windows and wooden wall

Features of the SO! Combi

The combination of an aluminium louvred roof and wooden roof creates a modern look but also lots of extra space.

Our outdoor rooms are 100% modular and you can fully personalise them yourself. Assign each module a specific role, such as a lounge area or an outdoor kitchen. The possibilities and applications are endless!

  • Fixed and insulated wooden roof made of sustainable poplar wood

  • Louvres that automatically tilt according to the position of the sun

Aluminium and wood: 2 different materials that together produce a fantastic result. Find out more about the insulated wooden Cocoon roof.

Countless options and configurations

Our aim is to provide everybody with a unique outdoor room or pool house. That is completely tailored to your wishes.

Do you particularly want more space for an outdoor kitchen with a dining area? Or would you rather have a closed bar with a lounge area under the louvre roof? Thanks to the insulated roof and the double-glazed aluminium (sliding) windows, you can sit comfortably in your pool house or garden room all year round.

But there are also lots of opportunities for bar/restaurant terraces. Let your guests enjoy a snack and a drink without exposing them to the elements. Thanks to the linked modules, it is also possible to cover large terraces and provide them with every comfort.

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The magic of different roof types

Combine units for an ocean of space

Outdoor living with the advantages of a wooden roof and a louvre roof. And all of that in one large pergola. The poplar wood gives you a cosy and secure feeling, while the tilting louvres let in the perfect amount of sun or shade at all times of the day.

You can also choose from 2 types of louvres, both of which rotate autonomously according to the position of the sun:

  • Double-walled Classic louvres

  • Windproof and sound-insulating Climate louvres

The same comfort as inside your home

No Winsol outdoor room or pool house without all the comfort you need. We can supply different types of built-in LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, power sockets and USB and HDMI connections. Discover all the options with our 3 option packs.

In addition, you can also hang a statement light fixture from the wooden roof using the suspension points. And thanks to the insulating or decorative mood walls, you are protected against the elements, and you keep the curious looks of your neighbours at a distance.

Technical attributes

  • Maximum width: 6.4 metres

  • Maximum projection: 4 metres

  • Maximum height: 3 metres

  • Interlinkable with multiple units: yes, unlimited

A list of all the possible options of your outdoor room

Feel free to dream, because no idea is too far-fetched. Come and discuss your plans with our experts. Who knows, those plans might even become reality soon.

Louvres + wooden roof

The best of both worlds: shade, ventilation and a sense of security

More space

One large outdoor living space thanks to the linked modules

Full personalisation possible

Finish your SO! Combi with walls, LED lighting, power sockets, heating…

Windproof and waterproof

Thanks to the roof with its insulating properties and the double-glazed aluminium windows

Countless applications

Pool house, outdoor room or more seating space for bar/restaurant terraces

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