winsol pergola-so anthracite casing and white louvred roof and wooden louvred walls and garden furniture

Decorative walls for pergolas

It’s wonderful to sit under a pergola or patio canopy in your garden, but sometimes you want just a little more privacy or shelter. Or you don't want to be bothered by the low sun. If you wish, you can close your pergola completely and enjoy the privacy.

The Winsol side and sliding walls make your pergola complete.

Romantic curtains, glass walls for panoramic views or wooden sliding walls with a warm look. There is a side wall for every pergola and every style.

Find the decorative wall or partition that suits your pergola

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Winsol Verso-Tex Outdoor Terrace Gazebo Canopy Black Cloth Walls And White Metallic Casing
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Winsol Verso-Tex Outdoor Terrace Gazebo Canopy Black Cloth Walls Wooden Roof With Light Fixtures

Verso-Tex sliding walls

The ideal mix between a sliding wall and screen

Combine the ease of use of a sliding wall with the privacy of a screen. The Verso-Tex sliding wall creates extra privacy and ties in seamlessly with your pergola with built-in SolFix screens.

  • Sergé screen fabric on the inside and outside

  • Choose from more than 50 colours

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Winsol Pergola-ZIP Dark Casing Canopy With Cloth Overhead Roofing Glass Walls
winsol pergola-so anthracite casing and anthracite roof with grey furniture and glass walls

Steel-look sliding wall

Authentic steel look

Panoramic views and a cottage look for your pergola. You can create this yourself using our glass sliding panels with a steel-look finish. We attach the super slim black aluminium profiles to both sides of the glass so that the wall looks good from all sides!

  • Available in black, white and anthracite grey

  • 10-mm safety glass

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Winsol Pergola-ZIP-CUBE White Wood-Like Casing and White Illuminated Slats
winsol pergola-so anthracite casing and white louvred roof and garden furniture on a beach and louvred walls
winsol pergola-so anthracite casing and white louvred roof on a beach with lit roof

Ambiente louvred wall

Design partition with atmospheric RGB lighting

A side wall that still allows a pleasant breeze to pass through? These vertical aluminium louvres give you extra privacy and ventilation at the same time. They can be mounted on the entire wall or part of it. Personalise the louvre wall to your taste!

  • With or without a wood-look finish

  • Manual or motorised operation

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Pergola SO terrasoverkapping Aalter 30

Glass sliding wall

Maximum visibility and contact with the garden

Do you like a streamlined and sober look but still want shelter? Our glass sliding walls made of 10-mm safety glass give you optimal light while protecting you against the weather.

  • Integrated carriages

  • Discreet stainless steel handle

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Winsol White Courtains Enclosed Relax Space With a Pool

Outdoor curtains

A holiday feeling in your own gardenn

Curtains fluttering in the wind… With a curtained partition for your pergola or patio cover, you can almost imagine yourself on the beach in Ibiza. Use the curtains as a decorative element or for more privacy and protection from the sun.

  • Choice of 58 colours and 4 different fabrics

  • Water and dirt repellent, UV and rot resistant

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Winsol Pergola-ZIP-CUBE White Wood-Like Casing and Wooden Slat Walls Covering the Patio

Wooden sliding wall

Thermowood sliding panels for a cosy look

Do you want to hide that ugly fence behind your pergola? Or a partition as shelter from the wind? Wooden sliding walls are a stylish addition to your patio cover and create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

  • Maintenance-free Thermowood

  • Stylish Sergé fabric on the outside

Discover the wooden partitions
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Pergola SO projector

Outdoor blinds

Windproof with countless possibilities

Blinds are the most popular partition for pergolas. They give you protection from the sun and cool breezes. Thanks to the opening degree of 1%, 5% or 10%, you can choose how much transparency and light you want. Our Sergé 600 fabrics are available in more than 50 colours.

  • Windproof up to 6 Beaufort

  • Can also be fitted later

Discover the SolFix outdoor blinds
Winsol Pergola-ZIP Dark Casing Canopy With Cloth Overhead Roofing Glass Walls View on Indoors Restaurant
Winsol WinCube Glass and Wooden Walls Black Metallic Casing Wooden Floors With Furniture Showroom View

Perspective glass wall

The perfect glass wall for catering established patios

This 3-part glass wall has 3 handy positions: completely closed for an optimal conservatory effect, half-open for shelter from the wind but with sufficient ventilation, and open as a handy way to mark out your patio.

  • 8-mm-thick safety glass

  • Motorised operation

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winsol pergola-so white casing and white louvred roof with white furniture and glass walls and screen

Like to combine pergola side walls? That's possible !

There is nothing to stop you from combining different side walls under your patio cover. We can even install some decorative walls together on the same side!

The following combinations are possible:

  • Outdoor blinds + glass sliding walls (with or without steel look)

  • Curtains + glass sliding walls (with or without steel look)

  • Outdoor blinds + curtains

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