Outdoor blinds for pergolas

More than 80% of our customers choose to close off their pergola with outdoor blinds or shades. No wonder, because windproof blinds give you plenty of options. We can also fit them on your pergola later.

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Features of built-in outdoor blinds

Our SolFix outdoor shades or zip screens are integrated in the support structure of the pergola. The side guides with zips ensure a tightly stretched fabric.

You simply operate the electric blinds with the smartphone app or using the push buttons in the pole. They can withstand wind gusts of up to 6 Beaufort. And thanks to the sensors, the blinds roll up automatically when the wind is too strong.

  • Available in more than 50 colours

  • Always taut thanks to the zip system

Did you know that you can also combine outdoor blinds with our sliding glass walls and outdoor curtains?

Translucent pergola blinds

Outdoor blinds protect you against wind, rain and sun and keep insects away while you enjoy sitting under your pergola. Thanks to the different opening factors, you can choose how much transparency and light you want. The higher the percentage, the more transparent the fabric and the more light gets through.

  • Sergé 600 with 5% opening factor: the most popular choice with 51 colour variants

  • Sergé with opening factor 10%: more translucent and choice of 6 colours

  • Sergé with opening factor 1%: more privacy and a choice of 9 colours

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Your own outdoor cinema

Enjoy your own outdoor home cinema with a Pergola SO! with projection holder and projection surface. This white blind doesn't let light through and is therefore ideal for projecting your favourite series, films and even sports events.

We can also fit blinds on the Pergola SO!, Pergola Z!P and Pergola Z!P CUBE afterwards.

Printed outdoor blinds

The brand and the accompanying branding are important for companies and catering establishments. Just as with our awnings, we can also print the pergola blinds with your logo or another message.

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