Verso-Tex sliding walls with double screen

The new Verso-Tex sliding walls provide absolute privacy under your pergola. And when you need a little less privacy, you just slide open 1 or more panels. You are always in full control!

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Winsol Verso-Tex Outdoor Terrace Gazebo Canopy Black Cloth Walls And White Metallic Casing
Winsol Verso-Tex Outdoor Terrace Gazebo Canopy Black Cloth Walls Wooden Roof With Light Fixtures

Features of Verso-Tex

Need adjustable privacy? With the Verso-Tex sliding wall, you have a host of options.

This sliding wall consists of an aluminium frame and 3 panels with a double screen fabric in between. We paint the frame in the same colour as the pergola.

  • Screen fabric on the inside and outside

  • Smooth sliding mechanism

What if we combined our wooden sliding wall and screens? Enter the Verso-Tex sliding wall!

2 weatherproof screen fabrics

The sliding wall consists of 2 mould-resistant and rot-proof fabrics between an aluminium frame. The whole thing requires hardly any maintenance, just like your pergola. Choose from more than 50 fabric colours that complement the colour of the pergola or indeed contrast with it.

The Verso-Tex sliding wall fits under the Pergola SO!, Pergola Z!P and Pergola Z!P CUBE.

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Add the perfect finish to your pergola

Can be combined with screens

Want to close off 1 wall with the Verso-Tex and screens on the other walls? That’s perfectly possible. You won't even see a colour difference, because we use the exact same Sergé 600 fabrics. The double screen also results in even less exposure and therefore more privacy.

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