Packs for the Pergola SO!

So many possible options! We’ve made it a little easier for you and put together 3 packs with the most popular options for the Pergola SO!. The difference between these packs is the motor that regulates the tilting louvres, ranging from basic to super intelligent.

The advantages of an option pack:

  • No difficult decisions because there are so many possible options

  • Options at a more competitive price

  • Replenish your pack as desired

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Pergola SO! Cosy motorisation

Standard motorisation

Everything under control

You decide how far the louvres will open. To do this, you use the slider in the Casambi app. Set the desired position of the louvres at between 0° and 145°. Do you want the louvres to tilt more after a while? Then you will have to adjust this yourself again in the app.

Pergola SO! Chic automated motorisation

Automatic motorisation

Based on your geolocation

Set the motor control in the Casambi app to automatic and choose the desired amount of shade/sun on your patio. Thanks to geolocation, the louvres move without you having to do anything. They adapt to the position of the sun throughout the day.

Pergola SO! Star patented motorisation

Patented intelligent motor control

Always the right microclimate thanks to the solar tracker

The temperature and sun sensor allows you to determine how much sunshine you let through on your patio. The louvres create a microclimate under your Pergola SO!. The louvres automatically adjust throughout the day so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Content of the SO! packs

SO! Cosy

  • Standard motorisation

  • Operated with the app for smartphone/tablet

SO! Chic

  • Automatic motorisation

  • Operated with the app for smartphone/tablet

  • All-round dimmable LED strip with direct white light + adjustable cold-warm light

  • Rain and snow sensor

  • 2 built-in speakers

  • 1 USB charging point and 230 V socket

SO! Star

  • Intelligent patented motorisation

  • Operated using the app for smartphone/tablet

  • All-round dimmable LED strip with direct white light + adjustable cold-warm light

  • Rain and snow sensor + wind sensor

  • 4 built-in speakers

  • 2 USB charging points and 2 230 V power sockets

  • Dimmable LED starry sky

IMG 9826

Complete your pack

Is the Pergola SO! of your dreams not yet complete with one of these packs? No problem. Add some extra options yourself. Such as:

  • Wood-look louvres in one of the 3 colours

  • Infrared heater

  • Design push buttons in the leg poles

  • Indirect RGB light or spots in the support beams and louvres

  • Projector holder and projection screen

  • Side closures such as the Ambiente louvred wall, zipped blinds or a glass sliding wall

Would you rather have one of our advisers explain the differences between the option packs? Then drop by or make an appointment in one of our showrooms. Our advisers would be happy to help you make the right choice.

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