SO! Climate: home and patio extension with no overheating

Enjoy all the seasons outdoors under your pergola with the highest level of comfort, just as with a conservatory. The sound-insulating and windproof Climate louvres, together with the decorative walls, keep you sheltered and out of the sun.

Winsol Pergola SO Peranda with Aurora fixed windows and louvred roof outside
Winsol Pergola SO Peranda with Aurora sliding window and louvred roof inside
Winsol mood wall of fixed double-glazed aluminium windows with white louvres detail

Features of the SO! Climate

The new Climate louvres connect even better to the gutter when closed, making the roof completely windproof and waterproof. The cold outside air comes inside less quickly.

This means you can enjoy the outdoors for longer, even when the weather or temperature is less favourable. Combine them with the aluminium windows with double glazing for even better insulation and shelter.

  • Louvres in the RAL colour of your choice or with a wood look finish

  • Sound insulating: the rain sounds significantly quieter

Did you know that the louvres automatically follow the position of the sun? This means you can enjoy the perfect amount of shade or sun at any time. More information about the different motor types.

Peranda: hybrid conservatory with a pleasant indoor climate

What if you could combine the advantages of a pergola and a conservatory without the disadvantages? Meet the Peranda, a hybrid outdoor concept with no overheating on hot days and a cooling breeze thanks to the tilted louvres.

You can also operate the louvres with your smartphone or with the push-buttons in the leg pole. Or opt for full automation and leave the tilting to the smart motor.

Insulate your Peranda even more by closing the sides with our aluminium (sliding) windows with double glazing. You can then continue to enjoy your patio even during the colder winter months.

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The ultimate in comfort

Built-in lighting

Choose from 8 types of lighting so that you can stay sitting outdoors even after it gets dark. Dimmable or adjustable cold-warm light, coloured light, spots and even our characteristic starry sky. Dim or switch the lighting on or off with your smartphone or the buttons in one of the leg poles of your pergola.

Combine different lighting or choose the most popular options with our packs.

Music and heating

No hassle carrying around a radio or speaker. Your SO! Climate pergola has subtly built-in speakers in the leg pole. And thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you can play your favourite playlist from your smartphone.

Need extra warmth? Fit your aluminium pergola with an infrared heater that heats up quickly. And entertainment enthusiasts can opt for a projector holder to project films, series and sports competitions on a screen.

Completely custom-designed

Mood walls

Perfect your pergola or outdoor living space by installing partitions. Choose from no less than 12 walls and feel free to combine them – for example, the insulating aluminium fixed window with double glazing and screens on one side.

Discover all the decorative walls for extra shelter, privacy and comfort.

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Technical attributes

  • Maximum width: 6.4 metres

  • Maximum projection: 4.5 metres

  • Maximum height: 3 metres

  • Interlinkable with multiple units: yes, unlimited

Waterproof and windproof

When closed, the louvres connect better to the gutter


Thanks to the sound-absorbing foam, the sound of rain is less noticeable

Automatic adjustment

The louvres move automatically throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun

Standard smartphone operation

Operate the louvres, lighting, screens and other options with the Casambi app

Personalisation possible

8 types of lighting, speakers, power sockets, decorative walls…

Welcome to Winsol’s world of personalisation

The unique design of the Pergola SO! enables you to fully personalise your model in terms of its colour, roof type, options and walls. Discover some of the possible options for your SO! garden room in this video.

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