Winsol SO Cocoon with AURORA windows in dark style garden office

Pergola with wooden roof

Enjoy the smell of wood and the connection with nature. A wooden roof for your aluminium pergola is the ultimate in cosiness and a feeling of comfort.

Thanks to the insulating panel, the wooden ceiling and the airtight seals, the cold outside air stays outside. Close off your garden room or pool house with insulating (sliding) windows so that you can also enjoy your extra living space during the cold winter months.

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Winsol Poolhouse with AURORA windows and dark wooden wall

SO! Cocoon

The warmth and cosiness of a wooden roof

Create your sheltered cocoon for all those cosy family moments. Under the SO! Cocoon, you’re truly at home. Combine with our insulating aluminium (sliding) windows so that the heat stays inside and the cold outside.

  • Maintenance-free poplar wood

  • Insulated windproof and waterproof roof

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Winsol Poolhouse with AURORA windows and illuminated slats


Hybrid veranda

A Peranda is a hybrid lifestyle solution that combines an aluminium pergola and a conservatory. Thanks to the insulated wooden roof and walls, this garden room keeps the heat inside or indeed outside.

  • A pleasant indoor climate in all 4 seasons

  • Combine with aluminium (sliding) windows with double glazing

Discover the Peranda
Winsol SO Cocoon with AURORA windows in dark style garden office

Garden office

A separate hobby or workspace

Let your creativity flow and work in peace and quiet in your garden office or studio. Away from the hustle and bustle of the daily household but still at home in your familiar surroundings.

  • With all the amenities: light, heat, power sockets, charging points

  • Can be fully closed off with the insulating walls

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Winsol SO Cocoon with AURORA windows in dark style garden office

The scent and security of natural wood

Instant atmosphere under your pergola with its wooden roof and integrated lighting such as spotlights and a starry sky.

The permanent roof made of poplar wood gives you a secure and cosy feeling, just like inside your home. The wood is resistant to the elements and has a thick insulation panel on top.

Personalise your pergola with a wooden roof

We chose an indigenous and fast-growing wood species for the Cocoon roof. The wood is maintenance-free, so you can enjoy it for longer.

Choose from one of 3 colours: natural, grey (aged) or black.

Windproof and waterproof

Get the most out of your roof, pool house or garden room by combining the wooden roof with insulating glass walls or the fixed wooden Cocoon wall. That way, the heat doesn’t escape, which means that you can also spend time under your SO! during the colder autumn and winter months. Discover all the mood walls.

Every convenience close to hand

  • Different types of built-in LED lighting: spotlights, starry sky, white or coloured light…

  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers in the aluminium leg poles

  • Built-in power sockets, HDMI connections and USB charging points

  • Handy smartphone operation or operation with the push buttons in the leg pole

  • Infrared heating

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Winsol SO Cocoon wood wall variants

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