SO! Cocoon: outdoor room with insulated wooden roof

Enjoy that unique indoor feeling all year round – but then outside in your own garden. The SO! Cocoon outdoor living space means you can enjoy your patio even more, regardless of the weather and the temperature. At the same time, the wooden ceiling brings a touch of cosiness and extra comfort.

Winsol SO Cocoon with AURORA windows in dark style garden office
Winsol SO Cocoon with AURORA windows in dark style garden office
Winsol Poolhouse with dark-style slats and wooden wall

Features of the SO! Cocoon

Experience the smell of real wood under your roof or in your garden room. The insulated wooden roof gives you a protected and cosy feeling, just like inside your home.

The fixed roof with its poplar wood ceiling is completely windproof and waterproof thanks to the unique design and the insulating panel on top. In combination with the insulating walls, the heat is kept inside more effectively, and the cold outdoor air stays outside.

  • 3 natural wood tones: natural, grey and black

  • And with suspension points for additional lighting fixtures

Poplar is an indigenous and fast-growing tree species. The wood has been given a special oil treatment and is therefore resistant to sunlight, moisture and freezing cold.

Insulating aluminium windows with double glazing

An insulated roof means nothing, of course, if the heat can escape along the sides. To prevent this, you can close off your pergola with aluminium (sliding) windows with double glazing. These are the same windows that we install in many homes in Belgium and Northern France.

The double glazing maintains the indoor temperature more effectively. In short, you can use your SO! Cocoon all year round. For example, as a garden office between the vegetation or as a Peranda, a hybrid conservatory or a pool house entertainment area.

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Your living room, but then outdoors

Built-in comfort

Expand your living space thanks to a garden room that you can enjoy all year round. And until late in the eveniing because you can choose from many different types of built-in LED lighting, such as dimmed white light, light in all colours of the rainbow or a romantic starry sky and spotlights.

Besides lighting, you also have built-in Bluetooth speakers to play your favourite music from your smartphone, power sockets or USB charging points and even extra heating during the coldest days of the year.

No difficult decisions to make!

We build every SO! custom-made. And by linking different modules, even more possible options are created, such as the SO! Combi with a louvred roof and wooden roof.

Discuss your plans with the Winsol expert in your area. We will be happy to discuss all the configurations and options with you. Or check out the 3 option packages in which the most-frequently chosen options are combined.

Technical attributes

  • Maximum width: 6.4 metres

  • Maximum projection: 4 metres

  • Maximum height: 3 metres

  • Interlinkable with multiple units: yes, unlimited

Insulated fixed roof

Insulation panel at the top, real wood ceiling underneath

Ceiling made of poplar wood

Indigenous, strong & maintenance-free wood

Completely windproof and waterproof

A stable indoor temperature all year round

100% modular

Personalise with options such as lighting, speakers and insulating partitions

All the possible options for your outdoor room at a glance

Modularity is the code word. We also show that in this video, where we discuss all the possibilities of an outdoor room with a wooden roof and/or louvres.

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