Winsol Lumisol retractable wide awning outdoor blinds white casing black cloth blinds retracted with a light strip from afar

5 reasons to choose a Winsol awning

With a Winsol awning, you can enjoy all the home comforts of your patio with no worries. And that’s not just because of the ingenious and beautiful design of our awnings, the atmospheric LED lighting and the smart technologies such as IO control. It’s also because our new ultra-strong folding arms can withstand wind speeds of up to 6 Beaufort!

Why choose a Winsol awning? Here are 5 good reasons!

Winsol Linasol retractable awning outside blinds with lightning fully retracted

1. Your awning will last for up to 10 times longer

Together with the design of the cassette, ultra-strong folding arms are the basis of your awning. Together with the anchoring in the facade, they bear the weight of the awning so you can enjoy the shade on your patio without a care in the world.

Winsol folding arms are fully compliant with the requirements for awnings: ultra-strong thanks to extra steel cables or Power Belt in the elbow of the arm and with a long service life. Our awnings and folding arms are rigorously tested to perform as many cycles as possible in different weather conditions. So don't worry, your Winsol awning will last a lifetime!

2. No worries in strong winds

Our folding arms have up to 50% thicker profiles and hinges made of forged aluminium. In combination with the 4-way self-lubricating steel cable or woven Dyneema Power Belt in the arm, our awnings can also withstand wind speeds of up to 6 Beaufort.

Thanks to these folding arms, our SquaroLinasolLumisol and Luno awnings have the highest wind class 3.

Winsol Lumisol retractable awning outdoor blinds with a light strip white casing blinds fully retracted

3. Integrated atmospheric LED lighting

At Winsol, we look further than just the practical, sun-resistant side of the awning. That’s why we also offer extras to increase your patio comfort. Such as LED lighting in the cassette, front frame or folding arms! Dimmable white light with an adjustable colour temperature or even atmospheric RGB light. There are so many possible options!

Did you decide not to have extra lighting in the folding arms? No problem, the LED strips can easily be added afterwards!

4. Surfaces up to 7 metres wide

Who doesn't dream of a patio with plenty of shade on hot summer days? Thanks to the best materials and ultra-strong folding arms, our awnings can handle large spans (such as 7 x 4 metres), without compromising on wind resistance.

Winsol Squaro double grey casing light grey cloth retractable awning outdoor patio blinds retracted fully hanging down at the end

5. Bumping your head is a thing of the past

You may have experienced it already… You stand up from your patio chair and bump your head against the elbow of the folding arm. Bruises and bumps on your head are now a thing of the past, because our folding arms have a higher clearance height! The elbow angle of the arms has been doubled by half, so it is now a lot safer!

Winsol awnings: a solution for every architectural style

also play a role. The personalisation options are endless! Our awnings suit every architectural style, from rustic to modern.

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