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9 benefits of outdoor blinds

You couldn't have missed it: outdoor blinds have been 'hot' in solar shading for some time now. Which isn’t surprising given that outdoor blinds offer nothing but advantages. We list them for you here.

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1. Save on energy consumption

For everyone who installs outdoor blinds, energy-intensive air conditioning is a thing of the past. With Winsol outdoor blinds, you keep your home or office nice and cool during the hot summer months! By the way, did you know that it takes 3 times more energy to cool your house than to heat it? Thanks to outdoor blinds, you save a lot on your energy bill. And this isn’t just good for your wallet, because you also reduce the burden on the environment by limiting CO2 emissions.

2. Control your privacy and light levels

Lots of light is nice, but sometimes we need privacy. With Winsol’s outdoor blinds you can combine the best of 2 worlds: you reduce prying eyes or block them out completely while still making the most of the wonderful sunlight. The Winsol range includes outdoor blinds that combine maximum light incidence with minimum intrusion. But we also have an extensive range of full or partial blackout blinds for people who prefer not to install roller shutters.

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3. An elegant and sustainable solution

Outdoor blinds fit particularly well with the streamlined and minimalist architectural style that is currently so popular. Thanks to Winsol’s ingenious built-in system and the compact housing, there are no disturbing elements that disfigure your facade or spoil the character of large windows. Moreover, Winsol's outdoor blinds last a very long time and are produced as sustainably as possible.

4. Protection

With Winsol’s outdoor blinds you not only protect yourself against harmful UV rays – your house plants and your furniture will also benefit. Outdoor blinds ensure that your precious and light-sensitive pieces of furniture don’t discolour under the influence of the sun. They keep your plants out of direct sunlight so that their leaves don't scorch and they will survive the summer unscathed.

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5. A wide choice of options

With outdoor blinds, you give your home or office a highly personal touch. To start with, Winsol gives you a huge choice of colours. So you can choose contrasting surfaces or a colour that closely matches your facade or profiles.

In addition, all outdoor blinds are custom made, and that means that special or non-standard dimensions can also easily be fitted with an outdoor blind.

6. Keep insects out

During the summer period, we like to leave our windows and doors wide open. Unfortunately, that also means that all kinds of flying insects find their way inside. When lowered, Winsol’s outdoor blinds keep unwanted visitors out – so they also function as mosquito or fly screens.

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7. Safety first

Winsol outdoor blinds have a long service life because they can withstand high wind speeds. So your outdoor blinds always remain firmly in place even with sudden gusts of wind!

8. Comfort

Needless to say, Winsol outdoor blinds are powered by a silent motor with remote control. Another example of how comfort, design and ease of use go hand in hand.

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9. Built-in outdoor blinds

Would you rather not disfigure your new-build facade with a built-in cassette? Then our built-in outdoor blinds are the solution you need. This outdoor blind is placed above the window or in a niche. The housing is neatly incorporated into the cavity of the facade so that it continues to look pristine.

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