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Create the outdoor space of your dreams with the SO! Universe by Winsol

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your garden? If so, we would like to welcome you to our SO! Universe where Winsol adds a whole new dimension to outdoor living. From a standard pergola to pool house and garden office. In the SO! Universe, everyone can create the outdoor space of their dreams. Wondering what this means for you? Let’s dive right in.

What are the possibilities?

Winsol is known for its free-standing or attached pergolas. Linked modules – which allow you to create a larger space – are also among the possibilities. Moreover, you can choose to attach your pergola to your house or place it freestanding in your garden.

With the arrival of the SO! Universe, however, the possibilities become quite extensive. Perhaps you’ll be spending your holidays in your brand-new pool house with bar and seating area? Or enjoying that wellness area you’ve been dreaming of?

And with many of us now working from home more often, a garden office is another good idea. This way, you spend your working day without the stress of commuting and in green surroundings that allow you to work productively.

For those finding it hard to choose between a veranda and a pergola, we also have a solution in the SO! Universe: the ‘peranda’. With this hybrid lifestyle solution, you create an extra living space, enjoy the outdoors at all times and are protected against all weather conditions.

Personalise to infinity

To design your outdoor space entirely according to your needs and wishes, we at Winsol have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Winsol so cocoon combi poolhouse 10

1. Configure your pergola

Creating your outdoor living space starts with an aluminium structure. Here you have several options to choose from.

  • Attached to the house with/without intermediate pole or overhang

  • Freestanding with/without overhang

  • Built-in roof

  • Linked modules in width or length

  • 4 linked modules (star-shape)

2. Choose your favourite roof

A roof over your head that protects you from sun, wind and rain is obviously a must. Even in an outdoor space. Our three types of roofs do just that.

  • The SO! Classic louvred roof not only protects you against the sun. If you tilt the louvres, you can also enjoy a refreshing breeze and much-needed ventilation. With the Solar Tracker app, you set how much shade you want at any time. The louvres then automatically tilt to the desired amount of shade. Are you attaching your pergola to your house? Then you will always have enough light in your home.

  • The SO! Climate louvres give you a fully windproof pergola. When closed, they connect perfectly to the gutter so that the roof is sealed airtight. As a result, no warm air escapes from under your pergola. These louvres are also optionally available with sound insulation.

  • And then there is the SO! Cocoon fixed wooden roof. A poplar wood ceiling that is completely wind and waterproof thanks to its unique design and insulating panel on top.

  • If you opt for an extended pergola with 1, 2 or more modules, you can obviously combine a louvred roof with the Cocoon fixed wooden roof. This way you can enjoy the benefits of outdoor life even more: in the sun under your louvred roof and sheltered from bad weather under the insulated roof.

3. Close your pergola

You can also close your pergola at the sides. We have no fewer than 12 types of walls, each with its own insulation level. Moreover, we match the colour of our walls to the colour of your pergola, creating one beautiful whole. Although the walls perfectly reflect current interior design trends, they are also timeless. So, you enjoy the choices you have made even longer. What will you choose?

Winsol Poolhouse with dark-style slats and wooden wall

4. Choose your colour and style

Our aluminium pergolas all have the same basic structure, which you then personalise with a roof, walls and various features. However, the first important choice you need to make is the colour of your pergola. For example, you can choose one of the three standard colours: white, black or anthracite grey. But you also have the option of selecting another RAL colour. Choose what best suits your home style:

  • Modern and minimalist

  • Romantic and homely

  • Country and cottage

Winsol so cocoon combi poolhouse 17

5. 10/10 for atmosphere and cosiness

After you have made all the key choices, it is time for the best part: the gadgets. Because your outdoor space obviously needs lighting. And perhaps you like to listen to music whilst having a drink. Fortunately, there are plenty of options you can integrate into your pergola.

  • Dimmable LED strip with direct (warm) white light (all-round)

  • Dimmable LED strip with direct white light – adjustable cold-warm (all-round)

  • Indirect RGB light (all-round)

  • Dimmable spots in the side-beams, roof and/or louvres

  • Dimmable LED starry sky in the roof and/or louvres

  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers

  • Power outlets

  • UBS connections

  • Built-in push buttons

  • Heating

As you have seen, the SO! Universe has endless possibilities to upgrade your garden. Have you made your choice based on this article? Then make an appointment at a showroom near you for a free quote and who knows, you might be enjoying your garden to the fullest this summer. In the sun, in the rain, in the wind.

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