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Make your patio summer proof

An awning with folding arms or a screen. A pergola with fabric or louvres. A pool house or garden office. There are lots of ways to create shade on your patio.

But which is the best solution for you and your home?

Solar shading for every patio

Whatever your preference, Winsol has a solution to suit every home. From a basic awning without extras to the state-of-the-art Pergola SO! with automatic louvres and all the comforts of home.

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First look at your plans

Are you looking for an extra living space to enjoy breakfast outside from the first spring sun until the end of the Indian summer? Or do you need protection against the sun on hot days?

You use an awning for around 3 months of the year. On the other hand, you can use a pergola with optional extras such as heating and insulated walls for up to 9 months or more.

And then at your patio

Are you looking for shade on your patio? Then you will need either a sunblind or a built-on pergola such as the Pergola Z!P. Do you want to create a new shady spot further down the garden? Then you need a freestanding pergola on 4 leg poles.

Note that some facades can’t support the weight of an awning or pergola with 2 leg poles. Our advisers will then propose an alternative, such as a pergola with 4 leg poles.

Looking for shade over a large surface area? This is easier with a pergola.

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And your budget?

An awning or sunblind is the fastest and most budget-friendly solution. You can personalise your awning with LED lighting, stronger folding arms or a valance screen at the front.

And with pergolas, the price is influenced by many different factors, such as louvres or fabric, integrated LED lighting, colour, decorative walls, built-on or freestanding... The more leg poles and options, the more budget you need.

Winsol Lumisol retractable awning outdoor blinds grey casing blinds fully retracted


An awning, sunblind or folding-arm screen is a quick way to create shade for your patio. And when you’re not using your awning, the fabric and folding arms are neatly tucked away in a closed cassette on the facade.

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Winsol Pergola-ZIP-CUBE White Wood-Like Casing and Wooden Slats

Pergola Z!P CUBE

A streamlined pergola with protective fabric that gives you shade on your patio. Thanks to the 2 leg poles, this pergola is more wind-resistant than an awning. And you can personalise it with lighting, speakers and mood walls.

A summer downpour? Then it’s better to roll up the fabric and take shelter inside.

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Winsol Pergola-ZIP White Casing Canopy With Cloth Overhead Roofing View on Furniture and Garden Pool

Pergola Z!P

This pergola with its sloping roof and integrated rainwater drainage allows you to stay sitting outside during a summer downpour. The rain just rolls off the fabric. Personalise your pergola to your liking.

Not using your pergola? Then the fabric is neatly stored away in a closed cassette on the facade.

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Pergola SO!

The perfect solution that allows you to stay sitting outside all year round, regardless of the weather. Is there not so much sun? Is it raining? A little chilly? Under the Pergola SO! you’re protected and you enjoy your garden in the best possible conditions.

In the SO! Universe, there are no fewer than three pergolas that protect you against the elements.

  • SO! Classic: louvre roof with intelligent control so that the louvres tilt according to your own preferences

  • SO! Climate: louvres that connect more effectively to the gutter when closed, making the roof completely wind resistant and watertight.

  • SO! Cocoon: fixed wooden roof

In combination with one of the twelve decorative walls, you can completely close off your pergola from all types of weather.

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