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Pergola SO! Chic with a view of the sea

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Enjoy the beach below a Pergola SO!

A Pergola SO! in your garden ... For a good time! But a Pergola SO! on the beach? Even better!

This patio pergola can be found on the beach in Bredene (Belgium). Having a picnic or enjoying a drink with a view of the sea and dunes? Invaluable!

This SO! Chic pergola is equipped with an automatic engine to control the slats based on the geographical location.

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A beautifully lit view

Enjoy the gorgeous view from under this Pergola SO! The vertical design elements provide protection from the wind and the curtains create that summer holiday feeling

But it’s also lovely here in the evenings. The led lighting, spotlights, starry sky and side lighting elements offer a delightful setting with a fantastic sea view.

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