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Daydreaming in the garden

It’s only natural that you want to enjoy a spacious garden to the full. And in total comfort. This Pergola SO! Star is a veritable living room in the fresh air, yet still sheltered.

This pergola was built onto this bungalow and we added an extra window to seamlessly connect the great outdoors with the house.

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Everything you could ask for

You can choose from the many options and closures for your SO! There are plenty of possibilities, such as Bluetooth speakers, electricity outlets, usb charging points, sliding glass walls, screens and led lighting in the louvres.

Wind, rain, sun and movement sensors provide extra comfort!

Our promises

  • A safe home for you and your family

  • Future-proof solutions for more comfort

  • Tailored to your needs and architectural style

  • Home comfort thanks to our sophisticated aftersales

Why choose Winsol?

  • More than 145 years of experience

  • Total concept for indoors and outdoors

  • 100% Belgian manufacture

  • Trust-worthy points of sale