Winsol solarfix vs solarbox

Outdoor blinds or roller shutters – which solar shading is best for your existing windows?

Which is better: outdoor blinds or roller shutters as solar shading for your windows? The answer: both are equally good, but they each have their own special qualities.

In this blog, we’d like to explain the similarities and differences between our SolarFix exterior outdoor blinds and SolarBox exterior roller shutters.

Then you will have all the information you need to make an informed choice!

Winsol SolarBox Grey Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style

Exterior outdoor blinds or roller shutters: the 5 similarities

SolarFix outdoor blinds and SolarBox roller shutters have a lot in common. Both are ideal as solar shading for the outside of your windows, helping you to maintain a pleasant temperature inside your home on hot days. But they have more similarities than you might think!

1. Aesthetic solution for existing windows

The compact roller shutter and outdoor blind cassette can be integrated perfectly into the facade of your home. We match the colours with the rest of your exterior joinery so that everything is beautifully coordinated.

Moreover, the way the solar panels are incorporated into the cassette is unique on the market. And that’s why the design of the SolarFix outdoor blinds and the SolarBox roller shutters has won a Red Dot Design Award!

2. Fast installation with no major alterations

The great advantage of front-mounted outdoor blinds and roller shutters? We can install them quickly and easily on your existing windows. And with no cutting or breaking work in your home, because no electric cables need to be installed. In short, your interior stays exactly as it was!

3. Solar-powered

Enjoy free energy thanks to the 2 subtly integrated solar panels in the cassette of the SolarFix and SolarBox!

The battery also has a service life that is 2 times longer than in the products of our competitors. That means that you can use your SolarFix sunshades and SolarBox front-mounted roller shutters all year round without any problems. Even when there is less sunshine!

4. Sound-insulating solar shading

Front-mounted outdoor blinds and roller shutters are installed on or in the reveal of your existing windows. To prevent sound leaks, we make sure that we don’t drill into the wall.

5. Privacy when you need it

Both systems offer you privacy at any time of day. With outdoor blinds, the level of privacy depends on the opening factor you choose. And with roller shutters, you can choose whether to close them partially or completely.

Exterior outdoor blinds or roller shutters

SolarFix vs. SolarBox


  • Aesthetic solution with award-winning design for existing windows

  • No cutting or breaking work required and no cables visible in your interior

  • Sustainable: both are solar-powered

  • Privacy at every moment of the day

  • Sound-insulating (no holes in the wall)


  • Outdoor blinds are ideal for large (sliding) windows

  • Outdoor blinds let in daylight and don’t block the view

  • SolarBox roller shutters are heat-insulating in winter

  • Roller shutters are burglar-resistant and burglar-retardant

Winsol Solar Fix Roller Exterior Blinds Sun Shades Black Cloth Solar Powered

What is the difference between outdoor blinds and roller shutters?

Roller shutters versus outdoor blinds: solar shading for your windows with a number of important differences. When do you choose sunshades such as the SolarFix and when do you choose our SolarBox front-mounted roller shutters?

Sunshades: large surfaces and maximum view

SolarFix sunshades are a streamlined design solution that fits perfectly in modern homes with large (sliding) windows. Roller shutters are less suitable for large windows.

Added to that, light can still enter through the small perforations in the fabric. And you can continue to enjoy your view outside. Play with the different opening degrees for more or less light and changing views.

Front-mounted roller shutters: cosy and safe

Besides the 5 similarities with outdoor blinds, roller shutters also have a number of additional advantages. Roller shutters are the ideal 4-season solution because they keep the heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.

Finally, fully lowered roller shutters are an extra obstacle for burglars. They are burglar-resistant and they also deter unwanted visitors.

Winsol SolarBox White and Black Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel on Multiple Windows

Combination of outdoor blinds and roller shutters?

Needless to say, you can also choose to combine outdoor blinds and roller shutters. Not on the same window, of course! But you could fit the large windows in the living room with sunshades and the windows in the bedrooms with roller shutters, for example.

You can also ask our advisers in the showroom for personalised advice!

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