Winsol SO Cocoon with AURORA windows in dark style garden office

Outdoor office

A separate outdoor or garden office can only be good for your well-being and that of your family. But it also boosts your productivity.

Work in peace, surrounded by greenery and free of stress, traffic jams and distractions. And at the end of the day, you'll be home in no time!

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5 advantages of an outside office

1. Balance between work and private life

No traffic jams and more time for the family after work

2. Separate multifunctional space

Outdoor office, but also a studio, playroom or fitness space

3. In your familiar surroundings

Without distractions or stress factors

4. Large insulated windows

Lots of light and contact with the garden

5. 100% personalisation possible

Geared to your needs and requirements

Winsol SO Cocoon with AURORA windows in dark style garden office

Insulated outdoor garden office

Keep your work and private life separate with an insulated office in your garden. You’re in a separate space, but you can still keep an eye on things thanks to the large aluminium (sliding) windows.

Open the sliding window for more contact with the garden or lower the outdoor blinds if you want to keep out the sun. On colder days, you can stay comfortably warm in your garden office thanks to the insulating windows with double glazing and the insulated wooden Cocoon roof.

Custom designed outdoor office with all the amenities

An outdoor office can be installed quickly and can also be fully personalised. You choose the furnishings, the dimensions, the options, the colour and the partitions. Including, of course, built-in lighting, Bluetooth speakers, power sockets and USB charging points.

In short, your outside office or garden workshop has everything you need to be able to work comfortably at home every day. And at the end of the day, just close the sliding window and you're home in just a few steps. That means more quality time with your family!

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Obviously, your garden office has more functions than just as an office in your garden. You can also use the space as an art studio, gym or wellness room for your yoga routines. Or how about a separate play area for the children? A garden office therefore adds value to every home.

Whether you opt for a modern or rustic outdoor office, thanks to our excellent finishes every style is possible.

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