Winsol SO Cocoon Poolhouse in dark style and wooden wall

Pool house: on holiday in your own garden

A pool house is the ultimate in comfort and offers an ocean of possibilities. Live outdoors all year round, from early morning to late at night.

Our aluminium pool houses with wood accents and insulating glass walls add value to every home. Create an extra living space in which to entertain guests or relax on your own after a busy day at work or a splash in the pool.

Ultimate outdoor living? That's a pool house in your garden!
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Your own pool house in your garden?

Let us surprise you with all the possibilites.
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A pool house: the ultimate enjoyment of your patio

100% modular

Custom-made pool house with all the comfort you need

Sleek design with countless possibilities

Modern L-shaped pool house with bar or kitchen…

More outdoor space

Combine the advantages of automatically tilting louvres and a wooden roof

Enjoy the outdoor life all year round

Sheltered from the elements thanks to the insulating roof and walls

Eye-catcher in your garden

Pool house with durable materials: wood, aluminium and glass

Winsol Poolhouse with dark-style slats and wooden wall

Pool house: modern or rustic

By combining wood, aluminium and glass, we can realise pool houses in every possible style.

Personalise your modern or cottage pool house to your liking so that it perfectly matches your home and the rest of your garden.

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Winsol so cocoon combi poolhouse 18
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The ultimate in relaxation at any time of day

Your pool house is your favourite place at home where you can spend every free moment having a great meal, barbecuing with friends or enjoying me-time.

Even when darkness falls. Your modern pool house is fitted with all the modern comforts, such as different types of built-in LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, power sockets, USB charging points and even infrared heating.

Winsol so cocoon combi poolhouse 9
Winsol SO Cocoon with white slats and wooden wall with LED lighting

Wood accents: warmth and cosiness

Natural wood gives your pergola or pool house extra flair and creates a warm atmosphere. We use poplar, which is an indigenous and fast-growing wood. The wood is available in 3 shades and, thanks to the oil treatment, is resistant to sunlight, moisture and freezing cold.

We use this wood for the insulated Cocoon roof and the fixed Cocoon wall with integrated LED lighting.

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Winsol Poolhouse with AURORA windows and dark wooden wall
Winsol SO Cocoon with AURORA sliding window

Sliding windows: pool house with shelter and vistas

Thanks to the large windows with insulating double glazing, you maintain the connection with your garden and swimming pool. You sit out of the draught and are sheltered from all the elements.

Completely close off your pool house using fixed or sliding aluminium windows. Thanks to the double glazing, the heat stays inside, and you can stay sitting comfortably in your outdoor room all year round. Even in winter!

Outdoor kitchen, lounge, bar…

We configure your pool house completely according to your specifications. By combining several modules with different roof types, we create an outdoor room with lots of space, but above all countless possibilities.

Such as a pool house with a bar and lounge, with an outdoor kitchen and dining area or with a wellness area with a jacuzzi. The combinations are endless.

Louvres or a wooden roof?

A louvre roof offers protection against the sun, but when tilted it also allows a pleasant breeze to pass through. Enjoy your own microclimate all day long. The louvres move automatically according to the position of the sun and so continuously create the perfect amount of shade.

The fixed wooden roof raises the cocooning element to a higher level. Create your own cosy nest thanks to the comfort and shelter provided by wood. And if you mainly want extra space, you can also combine 2 modules: one with a louvre roof and one with a wooden roof. That way, you enjoy the best of both worlds.

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