A pergola for every taste

What's your SO! style?

We are all different. Our aluminium terrace covers look different for every customer and are completely tailor-made to your personal taste and needs. Personalise your Pergola SO! thanks to the many colour options and closures to create your own cosy garden cocoon.

We make it even easier for you with our pergola styles: cottage, romantic or modern.

Prefer personal advice?

Discover our styles also in the showroom

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winsol pergola-so anthracite casing and white louvred roof and garden furniture

Or would you like something completely different?

Maybe you don’t feel completely at home with any of the styles mentioned above. They’re not really your thing. Not to worry. It is your Pergola SO!, and you can choose how you want it finished and how your cover should look.  

But we are here to help. Feel free to visit a showroom in your region and we will show you all the available options, finishes, materials, fabrics, etc. You can see, feel and choose what works best for you.

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