Romantic & homey

What's your SO! style?

Just imagine it... languidly lounging under your Pergola SO! after a dip in the pool. Or enjoy a romantic, fairy-tale-worthy connection with the most important person in your life….

The right music and the led lights set the mood. The curtains fluttering in the breeze provide privacy and a touch of homey comfort. And as the sun slowly sets in the evening, the last of the orange-tinted light shines subtly through the fabric.

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A structure that screams ‘you’?

Each and every Pergola SO! is made completely in our factory in Aalter. That’s why we can personalise each SO! and combine the options to make a pergola to your preferences. From the structure of the roofing to the colours, options and closures.

Are you in search of something special for your garden or terrace? You are most welcome to visit one of our showrooms and tell us what takes your fancy. Maybe we can turn your ideas into reality!

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