Front-mounted or exterior roller shutters

We place front-mounted roller shutters on existing windows on the outside of the house. There is hardly any cutting and breaking work involved.

This, together with the quick and easy installation, means that this type of roller shutter is very suitable for renovations.

Discover all the possibilities of roller shutters on the outside of your house. The shutters are operated electrically or are solar-powered.

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Winsol Black Exterior Metallic Rolling Patio Shutters

Front-mounted roller shutters

New roller shutters for existing windows

These roller shutters are fitted with a cassette on the facade so they are visible from the outside. The cassette also affects the appearance and matches the style of your home, whether it is rustic, classic or more modern.3 kastdesigns: 45 ° afgeschuind, afgerond en halfrond

  • 3 cassette designs: 45° chamfered, rounded and semicircular

  • 40 cm extra roll-up height thanks to XSMAX technology

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Winsol SolarBox Grey Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel


Solar-powered exterior roller shutters

We are always developing our products so that we can offer you the best exterior roller shutters. Our most recent innovation? Front-mounted roller shutters with 2 integrated solar panels. Electric cables are no longer required, which means that SolarBox roller shutters can be installed even faster!

  • Free solar power: the whole year round

  • Powerful long-life 4 Ah battery

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Winsol SolarBox Grey Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style Indoors View

Front-mounted roller shutters : heat and sound insulating

Besides lighting control, privacy and security, roller shutters also have an insulating function.

Front-mounted roller shutters insulate your home not only thermally but also acoustically. That means they keep out street noise. And because the cassette is hanging on the outside with external roller shutters, you are even less bothered by disturbing noises.

Moreover, lowered shutters prevent the comforting warmth from escaping in winter. During the summer months, just the opposite happens and the closed louvres block out the sun's heat.

Did you know that the insulation level of a front-mounted roller shutter also depends on the type of louvre and its material?

Solar-powered shutters also available

Do you want to place front-mounted roller shutters on existing windows? That is now even easier and faster thanks to our solar-powered shutters with solar panels. Discover SolarBox.

Personalise your front-mounted roller shutters

Winsol roller shutters are always custom-made so that they fit perfectly on your new or existing windows and doors. Our experts will suggest the ideal cassette size and possibly also the most suitable louvres in aluminium or PVC.

For example, aluminium louvres are stronger and therefore very suitable for larger windows. PVC, on the other hand, has excellent insulation properties.

You can also opt for higher louvres and louvres with a flatter design. Or you can choose compactly rolled louvres so that you can also fit higher windows with a front-mounted roller shutter.

And the colours? You can choose those yourself too! Fully coordinated with the rest of the exterior joinery or in a different colour. We paint all the parts in our own paint shop.

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Winsol SolarBox White and Black Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel on Multiple Windows

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