Solar-powered roller shutter: SolarBox

Discover Winsol's solar-power roller shutters with 2 cleverly integrated solar panels. SolarBox front-mounted roller shutters are a sustainable and above all fast renovation solution for your home. And don't worry: thanks to the powerful long-life battery, you can use your solar-powered roller shutters all year round!

Features of solar-powered roller shutters

The great advantage of SolarBox solar panel shutters? No cutting or breaking work. The installers don’t have to lay electric cables, which means that the installation can be finished a lot faster.

Added to that, all the work is carried out on the outside of your home. So we can even do it when you’re not at home!

  • Very suitable for renovations

  • No nearby power socket required

Did you know that SolarBox roller shutters are the only shutters on the market with 2 solar panels instead of 1?

A refined design

Our solar-powered roller shutters use the same award-winning technology as the Winsol solar-powered outdoor blinds.

  • The 2 solar panels don't protrude from the cassette

  • With an integrated installation, you limit the amount of cassette that is visible on the facade

  • Award-winning innovation: Red Dot Design Award 2021 and R+T Gold Innovation Award 2021

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Works the whole year round

Powerful battery

The motor is powered by solar energy, which is generated by the 2 subtly integrated solar panels. The powerful 4 Ah battery with a large storage capacity ensures that you can use the SolarBox roller shutters all year round. Even when there is less sunlight during the dark winter months!

High-performance motors

At Winsol, you can choose from different motor types, such as the Winsol Silent motor, which is a lot quieter. We use a 20 Newton motor for the solar-powered front-mounted roller shutters for large windows of up to 6.6m². Only Winsol supplies this higher performance motor!

Made to measure for your home

5 cassette sizes

We fully customise your SolarBox solar roller shutters for you in our Belgian factory. Depending on the surface area of the window, the roller shutter cassette will have a depth of 137, 150, 165 or 180 mm. The cassette has a straight design and we can paint it every possible colour.

XSMAX-kast voor hoge ramen

We also have a solution for tall windows: the compact roller shutter cassette with XSMAX technology. Thanks to the louvres that roll up compactly and the adapted roll-up shaft and motor, we create 40 cm extra roll-up height in the same housing.

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4 design finishes for the solar panels

Winsol SolarBox White Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style

Standard Symmetric

We mount 1 solar panel each on the left and right, neatly integrated in the cassette.

Winsol SolarBox White Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style

Standard Asymmetric

Both solar panels are mounted beside each other on the left or right.

Winsol SolarBox White Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style


The solar panels are built in on the left and right and subtly printed in the colour of the cassette. This makes them even less noticeable on the facade

Winsol SolarBox Beige Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style

Black Belt

We integrate 1 solar panel each on the left and right, while the space in between is painted in the same colour as the solar panels (black). The whole system has a modern look and feel.

Installed quickly

No cables means less work so everything is installed faster.

100% green energy

Thanks to the 2 solar panels, solar-powered roller shutters run exclusively on solar energy.

4 design options

Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Black Belt or Colour

Long life span

The powerful 4 Ah battery with a large storage capacity makes daily use possible

High-performance motor

For large windows, we use a 20 Nw motor. Unique in the market!

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