SolarFuse: solar-powered front-mounted roller shutter with Fusion louvres

Discover SolarFuse. This front-mounted roller shutter with Fusion louvres features two integrated solar panels and runs solely on solar energy. This offers you huge savings on your energy bills, plus the combined benefits of both a roller shutter and a outside blind in a single sunshade solution.

Solar roller shutters - Features

SolarFuse is a front-mounted roller shutter with solar-powered Fusion louvres. These roller shutters are unique, thanks to the innovative combination of separate louvres and micro-perforations. These micro-perforations ensure that up to four times more daylight enters your home compared to traditional roller shutters. At the same time, the view of your garden or the exterior is maintained. What’s more, these solar-powered Fusion roller shutters can also be used as blackouts to completely darken a room, making them perfect for bedrooms.

The micro-perforations also allow for improved home ventilation. In addition, SolarFuse roller shutters make for excellent insect screens, as they keep bugs out.

SolarFuse roller shutters are unique because of their two built-in solar panels. As these shutters operate on (free) solar power, there is no need for an electrical connection or any building work and channelling.

This means SolarFuse:

  • Is extremely suitable for renovation projects and new construction projects

  • Can be installed quickly and easily, even if you are not at home at the time

  • Is an interesting investment opportunity, since it uses free solar power

Thanks to its micro-perforations, SolarFuse can also be used as an insect screen.

Solar shading all year round

Silent motor

Each roller shutter is powered by a motor. For this solar-powered version, Winsol opted for a silent motor that guarantees more quiet operation. In the case of SolarFuse, we even opt for a 20 Newton motor when installing shutters on large window sections up to 6.6 m2, which allows us to guarantee continuous operation of the roller shutter.

High-performance 4 Ah battery

In addition to the solar panels that power the motor, SolarFuse also features a powerful 4 Ah battery with large storage capacity. This means your solar-powered hybrid roller shutters are operational all year round, even during times when there is less sunlight.

The ultimate solution for renovation projects

5 colors and 5 casing sizes

Front-mounted roller shutters are installed on the facade or inside your window aperture. This means no building work is needed, making SolarFuse an excellent solution for home renovation projects.

However, this installation method does mean that the casing for the roller shutter is visible on the exterior of the home. Winsol offers 5 casing sizes: 137, 150, 165, 180 and 205 mm. We will always help you find the most compact casing for your roller shutters, to minimize the impact on the look of your facade as much as possible.

Color plays an important role in this too. As the casing is mounted on the facade, it is important for it to blend in as much as possible. As such, SolarFuse is available in 8 neutral colors so that there is always an option to suit any style of home.

4 designs for the solar panels

Winsol SolarBox White Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style

Standard Symmetrical

2 solar panels are integrated in the casing, one on the left and and one on the right.

Winsol SolarBox White Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style

Standard Asymmetrical

We mount both solar panels side by side, on the left or right side of the casing.

Winsol SolarBox Beige Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style

Black Belt

One solar panel is mounted on the left side and one on the right side,  while the space between these panels is painted the same color as the solar panels (black) for a modern look and feel.

Winsol SolarBox White Metallic Rolling Shutters With Solar Panel Modern Style


We incorporate the solar panels on the left and right sides and subtly cover both with film that has the same color as the casing, making them even less noticeable.

Quick installation

No wires = no building work and channelling = quick installation

Free energy

SolarFuse runs solely on free solar energy

Everyday trouble-free use

Thanks to the 4 Ah battery with large storage capacity, SolarFuse can be used without any issues all year round.

4 finishes

Symmetrical, asymmetrical, Black Belt or Color

More light

Microperforated slats allow up to four times more light into your home.

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