SolarFix: solar-powered outdoor blinds

Looking for outdoor window awnings that are beautiful and durable at the same time? Introducing SolarFix, our range of stylish front-mounted solar-powered outdoor blinds! These solar outdoor blinds fit on existing windows and can also be used in new construction projects.

Winsol Solar Fix Roller Exterior Blinds Sun Shades Grey Cloth Solar Powered Slightly Open
Winsol Solar Fix Roller Exterior Blinds Sun Shades Solar Powered Screen Beige Casing Detail
Winsol Solar Fix Roller Exterior Blinds Sun Shades Black Cloth Solar Powered Detail

Features of SolarFix

SolarFix sun shades are fitted with 2 subtly integrated solar panels.

The straight and compact housing is suitable for every type of home.

And thanks to the zip system, these solar-powered outdoor blinds are extremely wind-resistant and also function as mosquito screens when fully lowered.

  • 4 Ah battery with large storage capacity

  • For large windows up to 15m²

Did you know that the compact 90 mm cassette fits perfectly in the reveal of most facades? As a result, the housing does not protrude from the wall, which again creates a streamlined effect.

Fast installation

Solar outdoor blinds are powered exclusively by solar energy. So they are 100% green. This means we don't have to lay cables and that a SolarFix outdoor blind can also be installed on windows with no power socket nearby. The installation takes place completely on the outside of your home and requires no cutting or breaking work. We can even install this type of outdoor blind when you are not at home!

SolarFix front-mounted outdoor blinds are therefore the fastest way of creating perfect solar shading for your windows.

Discover the similarities and differences between our solar outdoor blinds and roller shutters.

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Huge storage capacity

The photovoltaic solar cells charge the ultra-powerful 4 Ah battery that powers the motor. The extra-large storage capacity ensures that SolarFix works almost 2 times longer than ordinary outdoor blinds with solar panels, even on a cloudy or wintry day. This technology is also used in our award-winning SolarBox solar-powered roller shutters.

Also for large windows

People want more and more daylight, so windows are also getting bigger. In general, the larger the window area, the larger the housing. SolarFix solar-powered outdoor blinds are available with cassette depths of 90 mm, 110 mm and 125 mm.

For large windows up to 15m², we use an even more powerful 20 Newton motor and a different roller shaft.

Design for every facade

Winner of a Red Dot Design Award

SolarFix sunblinds are a sustainable and aesthetic way to keep the extreme heat of the sun out of your home. The solar panels don’t protrude from the cassette and the bottom rail completely disappears into the housing and therefore doesn’t block any light.

And finally, SolarFix is also available with a compact 90 mm cassette that fits perfectly into the reveal of most homes.

Winsol Solar Fix Roller Exterior Blinds Sun Shades Black Cloth Solar Powered

Technical attributes

  • Maximum width: 4 metres

  • Maximum height: 3 metres

  • Maximum fabric surface: 15m²

  • Available cassette formats: 90 RE, 110 RE and 125 RE

4 finishes for the solar panels

You yourself choose the way we integrate the solar cells:

Solar Fix Standard Symmetrical

Standard Symmetrical

One solar panel on the left and one on the right

Solar Fix Standard Asymmetrical

Standard Asymmetrical

Both panels on the left or right

Solar Fix Colour


The solar panels are printed in the same colour as the housing

Winsol Solar Fix Roller Exterior Blinds Sun Shades Solar Powered Screen White Casing Beige Cloth Slightly Down

Black Belt

We place a stylish black connection between the 2 solar panels

2 solar panels with 4 design finishes

Discretely integrated into the cassette with a streamlined and modern design.

4 Ah battery

Powerful performance and large storage capacity. Works the whole year round.

Window surfaces up to 15m²

Thanks to the 20 Nw motor and the 125-mm-deep cassette.

Fast installation

No cutting and breaking work necessary. No power socket required.

Compact 90 mm cassette

Fits perfectly in the reveal of most homes.

Introducing Solarfix

The advantages of our outdoor blinds? Discover them in this video.

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