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Retractable awnings

Enjoying your garden or patio during the nice weather… Isn't it fantastic? And under a retractable or patio awning, you benefit from the cooling shade and protection from the sun.

We install your electric awning on the facade above your patio or window. The closed cassette is available in many different shapes and protects the fabric and folding arms against the weather.

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Enjoy shade on your terrace thanks to an awning with LED lighting.

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Awning with light and music

Play your favourite music with Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. Integrated speakers and atmospheric LED lighting in the cassette, front bar or arms. Extra strong folding arms and always tailored to the facade.

  • Built-in waterproof speakers

  • Streamlined rectangular closed cassette

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Our most popular awning

A sunblind with a closed cassette that matches every architectural style? That is Lumisol with its subtly rounded rectangular cassette. Optional LED lighting. All RAL colours possible. Always made to measure.

  • Integrated LED lighting in the cassette, arms, front bar

  • Streamlined rectangular and closed cassette

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Extra privacy thanks to the Volant-plus

Modern awning with a streamlined and contemporary design and integrated LED lighting in the cassette, front bar or folding arms. Need extra privacy? A motorised outdoor blind on the front bar is also an option. Always made to measure.

  • Strongest folding arms with Dyneema power belt

  • Square closed cassette

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Awning for small to medium-sized patios

Choose a Luno patio awning in one of the 12 popular colours for a cosy look. Lighting is possible in the folding arms with 2 discretely built-in LED strips.

  • Dimensions in multiples of 30 cm

  • Shade zone of up to 21m²

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Folding arms, the basis of your electric retractable awning

Together with the anchoring points in the wall, the folding arms bear the weight of the awning.

The folding arms largely determine the quality of the patio awning. We only use the best materials, such as forged aluminium hinges in the arms. And because every awning is unique, we offer different types of arms. A large awning on the coast? Our advisers will then introduce you to our strongest Powerbelt arms with a service life 10 times longer than average. Introducing all our folding arms.

Did you know that you can also have LED lighting in the folding arms? LED strips in the cassette and the front bar are also possible.

An awning for every architectural style

Besides a professional installation on your facade, we can always help you with modern awnings with different cassette designs. The choice of fabric also plays a role in the final look of your sunblind.

Whatever the style of your home, at Winsol you are guaranteed to find a suitable patio awning!

Our own paint shop
We paint all the parts in our own paint shop. And with the Linasol, Lumisol and Squaro awnings, you can choose from all the RAL colours at no extra cost.

Closed or open cassette?

A closed cassette looks very neat when you are not using the awning. And it means that all the parts are protected against moisture, dust and insects. An awning with an open cassette  is a more budget-friendly solution, but the fabric and arms are always exposed to the weather.

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It starts with the very first contact but it doesn’t end after your Winsol products have been installed. We guarantee you worry-free enjoyment of your home for years to come.

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