Lumisol: our most popular patio awning

Want to enjoy your patio all day long? You can do that with Lumisol, our most popular awning. It is the perfect example of excellent Belgian craftsmanship. And thanks to the ultra-strong folding arms, your Lumisol will last extra long.

Winsol Lumisol wide retractable electric awning grey casing white cloth blinds retracted outdoor blinds on a patio
Winsol Lumisol retractable electric awning black casing white cloth blinds retracted outdoor blinds with light strips on
Winsol Lumisol retractable awning outdoor blinds beige casing close up detail on casing

Features of Lumisol

Lumisol is the preferred awning on many patios. That's because of its subtle and timeless design and its versatility.

Choose this custom-made awning with its simple closed cassette that fits on any facade. Do you want LED lighting in your awning? That's possible in the cassette, in the front bar or in the arms.

  • Most popular Winsol awning

  • All RAL colours at no extra cost

Did you know that awnings are getting wider and wider? The average awning today is wider than 5 metres and has a projection of 3.5 metres. That's big!

Optional LED lighting

We can offer you a huge array of options as far as lighting is concerned. These LED strips ensure that you can stay comfortably outside when evening falls. For Lumisol, you can choose from:

  • Direct white light in the cassette and/or the folding arms

  • Indirect white mood lighting in the front bar

  • Dimmable light with adjustable colour intensity

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The rectangular cassette with rounded corners gives your facade a cosy touch. Personalise your awning even more with the colours and the fabric. Every RAL colour is possible at no extra cost. LED lighting is also an option.

Our advisers would be happy to explain all the details to you. Come and discover Lumisol in a showroom near you.


Your Lumisol awning requires very little maintenance. The sun-resistant acrylic fabric is weatherproof and the closed cassette protects the fabric and arms against dirt and vermin

One important tip: don’t roll up the fabric when it is wet. This can cause mould to develop. You don’t have a choice? Then unfold the awning again as soon as possible so that the fabric can dry in the sun.

Technical attributes:

  • Maximum width: Linked 7 metres or 14 metres

  • Maximum projection 5,5 metres wide: 4 metres

  • Maximum projection 7 metres wide: 3.5 metres

  • Maximum fabric surface area: 28m²

  • Wind resistance of up to 4 metres projection: 6 Beaufort

  • Standard folding arms ≤ 3 metres projection: 2-way or 4-way cable arm

  • Standard folding arms > 3 metres projection: Woven Dyneema PowerBelt

Best-selling awning

Lumisol is a popular choice with our customers.

For every style

Thanks to the subtly rounded design of the cassette and the colour range.

Can be interconnected up to 14 metres

2 awnings that work together as 1 Lumisol. Mounted side by side.

Lots of personalisation options

With LED lighting in the cassette, front bar or arms. Or without it. You choose.

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