Luno: elegance wins the day with this compact awning

Luno is a compact and elegant solution for shade on your patio. Simple and with no fuss. Create shady zones of to 21m² and choose optional LED lighting in the folding arms.

Winsol Luno electric retractable awning outdoor blinds white casing white cloth retracted
Winsol Luno electric retractable awning outdoor blinds white casing white cloth retracted view from under
Winsol Luno electric retractable awning outdoor blinds white casing white cloth retracted close up detail view on mechanism

Features of Luno

Luno is a good choice for people who want a basic awning with a long service life.

We only use the best materials, such as folding arms with wrought iron components.

This patio or retractable awning is suitable for medium-sized and small patios and the cassette has a very rounded shape.

  • Made to measure in multiple of 30 cm

  • Choice of 12 popular colours

Most people choose an electric awning that they can operate with a hand-held or wall-mounted transmitter. But a crank is also possible with the Luno.

Closed case of cassette

The Luno housing is compact and therefore takes up very little space on your facade. Its very rounded design also differs from the sleeker shapes of the Lumisol, Linasol and Squaro awnings. Luno has an elegant appearance and is therefore very suitable for classic and country homes.

And thanks to the closed cassette, your awning will last longer. This is because the mechanism and the fabric are protected against weather influences, dust and insects.

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So many options and choices

We make each Luno in multiples of 30 cm, between 3 and a maximum of 6 metres. This means that a Luno with a width of exactly 3.5 metres isn’t possible. But a width of 3.3 or 3.6 metres is indeed possible. Do you want an awning that is custom-made to the millimetre? Then our Lumisol awning is a better option for you.

You can also choose one of the 12 standard colours, including classical and trendy colours. Come and see our colour and fabric samples for yourself at a showroom near you. Do you also want lighting? Then you will need a Luno with a Powerbelt or 4-cable folding arms and 2 integrated LED strips.

Professional installation

You can count on our experienced installers to install your Luno carefully. We always take good care of your home and patio.

Come and discover the Luno or our other awnings at one of our points of sale. Our advisers would be happy to help you.

Technical attributes:

  • Maximum width: 6 metres

  • Maximum projection 6 metres wide: 3.5 metres

  • Maximum fabric surface area: 21m²

  • Wind resistance of up to 3,5 metres projection: 6 Beaufort

  • Standard folding arms ≤ 3 metres projection: 2-way or 4-way cable arm

  • Standard folding arms > 3 metres projection: Woven Dyneema PowerBelt

Shade zones of up to 21m²

Dimensions of between 3 and 6 metres, in multiples of 30 cm.

Lighting also possible

2 LED strips in the optional Powerbelt folding arms.

Choice of 12 colours

Including the trendy textured colours of black, anthracite and quartz grey.

Manual or electric

Operate Luno with a crank when there is no power outlet nearby.

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