Winsol Solar Box RT Gold Winner 3

3rd award in 3 years for Winsol

SolarBox solar-powered roller shutters receive R+T Innovation Award

Last Monday was the long-awaited digital presentation of the R+T Innovation Award. Winsol was nominated twice with the SolarFix screens and SolarBox shutters. In the end we won a Gold award for the SolarBox shutters.

Winsol Solar Box RT Gold Winner 5

A Gold award for the SolarBox shutters

For Winsol, this is the 3rd award in 3 years. Last year we received a Red Dot Design Award for the SolarFix solar-powered screens, with the same technology (2 integrated solar panels + 4 design finishes for the solar panels), and in 2019 the Red Dot jury awarded our Pergola SO!

 The jury praised the design of the SolarBox and the way the 2 solar panels are integrated into the cassette. As a result, these shutters also fit any architectural style! Their comments also showed how important solar-powered products are for the future.

SolarBox, solar-powered roller shutters

This solar-powered front-mounted roller shutters with straight cassette and 2 integrated solar panels is a sustainable and fast renovation solution. The design and performance are based on the Winsol SolarFix screens (Red Dot Award Winner 2020).

SolarBox voorzetrolluik op zonne-energie winsol detail kast met zonnepaneel

2 solar panels, 4 Ah battery with large storage capacity, long life, more cycles and 4 design finishes:

  • Standard symmetrical: solar panel left and right

  • Standard asymmetrical: both solar panels to the left or right

  • Black Belt: the solar panels are connected by a black profile

  • Color: the solar panels are printed in the same color as the box

The SolarBox is available in 5 cassette depths. Thanks to the XSMAX box with smaller motor and different type of roll-up shaft, we get 40 cm extra roll-up height. Bigger roller shutters in a smaller box.

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