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Winsol turns the world of outdoor living upside down with SO! Universe

The possibility of personalising your pergola in the way you want it... That was already an option at Winsol, but we have recently it one step further. A cosy pool house to linger in this summer? A garden office whose doors you can literally close behind you after a long working day? Or how about the new 'peranda' concept? Winsol has it all in its SO! Universe!

Mensen bespreken iets in een apart tuinkantoor in een groene omgeving

Numerous configurations

Let's start at the beginning. A pergola has a basic structure. From an extension against the house to a freestanding model. You can also combine different modules into one large space. It obviously all depends on how it will be used: living space, outdoor kitchen, wellness... Everything is possible!

Three types of roof

A pergola naturally needs a roof. Our louvred roofs are perfect for seeking shade on a hot summer’s day. This year we are adding our Cocoon fixed wooden roof and the SO! Climate wind-resistant louvres to the list of possibilities. That brings the number of options to three.

1. SO! Classic: classic double-walled louvres
These classic louvres not only offer protection from UV light. Tilted, they provide optimum ventilation and a nice breeze to cool things down. And how do you operate them? From the comfort of your armchair thanks to the Solar Tracker. This automatically rotates the louvres according to the desired amount of shade, which you set yourself in the app. If you have a pergola attached to your house, this will ensure that you always have enough light in your home, without having to operate the louvres all the time.

2. SO! Climate: windproof and insulating louvres
Thanks to the Climate louvres, you can enjoy a fully windproof pergola. Because they connect seamlessly to the gutter in closed position, the roof is sealed airtight. As a result, no warm air escapes from under the pergola. The Climate louvres are also optionally available with sound insulation.  

3. SO! Cocoon: fixed wooden roof
Our fixed roof with poplar ceiling is completely wind and waterproof thanks to its unique design and insulating panel on top.

Of course, you can always combine these roof types. Enjoy a double space with a fixed wooden roof and a roof with bioclimatic louvres. Ideal for spending time outdoors all year round, from early morning to late at night.

12 atmospheric walls for ultimate comfort

Winsol has expanded its collection of decorative walls. This means that each module can be opened or closed at will and protects against the sun or cold. Each wall has its own level of protection and insulation. Moreover, all walls are designed to provide the right atmosphere and character, and in line with current trends. From blinds incorporated in the structure to glass, industrial or wooden (sliding) walls. And even a combination of several walls. There is a solution for every project.

  • Aluminium fixed window with double glazing

  • Steel-look aluminium fixed window with double glazing

  • Cocoon wood wall

  • SolFix built-in screen

  • Aluminium sliding window with double glazing

  • Perspective glass wall

  • Curtains

  • Single-glazed sliding wall with or without steel-look finish

  • Motorised or non-motorised Ambiente louvred wall

  • Verso-Tex sliding wall with double screen fabric

  • Wooden sliding wall

Winsol so cocoon combi poolhouse 17

Energy-saving LED lighting

Our lighting options create the necessary atmosphere at any time and on any occasion. Bright white for when reading a book. Warm white for a dinner party. Built-in LED lights to enjoy a starry sky even under your pergola. Or colourful LED strips for a festive mood. You can also have spotlights built into the crossbeam or louvres. If that isn’t a 10/10 for atmosphere and cosiness!

Always comfortable outdoor living

All these configuration options create the most ideal form of outdoor living for every person, for every family. From pool house and garden office to the peranda, a hybrid living solution that offers outdoor space and a pleasant indoor climate in every season.

Everything is possible in the SO! Universe by Winsol.

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